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tesa Waterproof Powerstrips Large 59700 PK6

tesa Waterproof Powerstrips Large 59700 PK6
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Product Code:  34490TE
Bar Code:  4042448313102
Part Number:  34490TE
Brand:  Tesa

tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Strips Large are the damage-free solution for easy mounting without drilling. They are self-adhesive strips that are designed to securely hang up any flat object weighing up to 2 kg. Thanks to their waterproof bonding technology, these strips can even be used for secure mounting in areas directly exposed to water. How to apply - step by step guide: 1. Clean the surface with alcohol or silicone-free glass cleaner 2. Take the included waterproof primer tissue and wipe over the surface for bonding preparation - wait for 10 seconds minimum 3. Apply the Powerstrip Waterproof Large strip on the object - press for 5 seconds minimum 4. Fix object onto surface - press for 5 seconds minimum 5. Make sure the tab can be accessed for removal The removable fixation solution for wet areas With tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Strips you do not need to drill holes into the wall to mount something to the wall. So forget about your toolbox and do things the easy way. Simply prepare the contact surfaces on the object and the wall* with the enclosed primer tissue pad, stick the required number of waterproof tesa Powerstrips Waterproof strips onto the wall and press them on for 5 seconds. In the next step, firmly press the object for 5 seconds against the wall. Waterproof sticky strips for easy hanging. These waterproof mounting strips from tesa do not only simplify hanging up a wide range of decorative or functional objects. They are also designed for removable fixation, leaving you with the option to change your mind anytime. Removing your object is just as fast and easy. Simply stretch the Powerstrip Waterproof and the object, hook, basket or any other object will come off the wall immediately. Best of all, there will not be any visible traces indicating that it was ever there. No holes to cover. No damaged tiles. No residues of bonding agent. Simply nothing to worry about. Ideal for tesa Powerstrips Waterproof accessories tesa provides a comprehensive range of accessories equipped with tesa Powerstrips Waterproof mounting strips. Included is a variety of hooks and baskets equipped with this damage-free hanging solution that does not require you to drill holes into the wall or damage valuable tiles. Thanks to tesa Powerstrips Waterproof Large, these practical household helpers are not only removable, they can also be mounted repeatedly to serve their purpose at any other location. *Not suitable for the use on uneven surfaces, styrofoam, foamed or porous materials or surfaces with non-sticking coating.

Especially developed to fix objects in wet areas (e.g. shower, bathtub, etc.) Maximum hold of up to 2 kg on smooth surfaces Removable without a trace due to the PowerstripsŪ Waterproof technology Maximum hold of up to 2 kg on smooth surfaces Strong hold for objects on surfaces like tiles, glass, etc. Suitable for the whole Powerstrips Waterproof accessory range Not suitable for use on styrofoam, foamed material, surfaces with non-stick coating, porous material