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How do you admit you have lost your laptop?

Thursday, 17 October 2013  |  Carl

If you lose your laptop it can be a nightmare, you might be able to claim for a new one on your insurance, but what about the lost data? 

Before worrying about what you have lost, you need to protect yourself from any further security breaches:

  • Log into any sensitive accounts (e.g. bank accounts, online e-mail, PayPal, eBay, iTunes, etc.) and change your password, it is possible that the computer memorized the password.
  • If you have any other sensitive information on your computer that could be used by a thief, such as bank pin number, bills, credit card information, cell phone, etc., make sure to contact the relevant companies so that the account can be changed, flagged or monitored.
  • Contact your computer manufacturer so they can make a note in their database that the computer has been stolen, in case the thief tries calling support.

You can help to eliminate the risk of having your computer stolen by using a Kensington Clicksafe® lock – Ask us today for more details.

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