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Environmentally Friendly Copier Paper

Wednesday, 26 June 2013  |  Carl

We can supply you with one of the most environmentally friendly copier papers in the market, thanks to our membership of the office supplies buying group, Office Club. Being PEFC, EU Eco-Label and Carbon Neutral accredited, this is one of the most environmentally sound papers on the market combining the quality needed for office use on all copiers and high speed & double-sided copying with environmental credentials that ensure that the environment is not damaged.

pefcPEFC is a global umbrella organisation for the assessment and mutual recognition of national forest certification schemes developed in a multi-stakeholder process. These national schemes build upon the inter-governmental process for the promotion of sustainable forest management, a series of ongoing mechanisms supported by 149 governments in the world covering 85% of the world’s forest area.
(see www.pefc.org for more information)


EcolabelThe EU eco-label proves that the paper production has a lower impact, including the selection of raw material and manufacturing. To be awarded the EU eco-label the production process must meet strict criteria for use of natural resources and chemicals, energy consumption, emissions to air and water and for waste management. It also requires that the paper contains fibre from sustainability managed forests.

(see www.eco-label.com  for more information)


01_TCNC_Product1The CarbonNeutral Company registered the CarbonNeutral® trademark in the 1990s. It is awarded to a product, service or activity that has completed a process laid out in the CarbonNeutral Protocol, and using the parameters of the specific CarbonNeutral brand mark to be applied. Whenever you see the CarbonNeutral logo, you know that the company is taking seriously its response to climate change.
(see www.carbonneutral.com for more information)

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