YCR Coin Sorter and Counter Sterling

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Product Code:  YC28059
Bar Code:  8717496335753
Part Number:  113-0568
Brand:  YCR
Pack Size:  1
Manufacturers Code:  113-0568
Delivery Time:  1-3 Working Days
Width (mm):  103
Depth (mm):  142
Height (mm):  52

If you receive large amounts of change that are difficult to sort, then this is the product for you. Working quickly, this machine not only sorts, but also counts all of your coins for a quick way to ascertain how much cash was inserted. This machine can handle between 300 and 500 coins at any one time. Counting stops as soon as the tray is full. With the ability to count 216 coins per minute, this is a faster and more efficient way to count your coins.

113-0568 Coin Counter. A fast and efficient way to count coins. Accurately counts and sorts 216 coins per minute. Each hopper can hold 300 - 500 coins. Counter stops when coin tray is full. Also bundles preset coin quantities.