Casio Scientific Blue Calc Twin-Powered

Casio Scientific Blue Calc Twin-Powered

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Product Code:  CS46927
Bar Code:  4971850469278
Part Number:  FX-85GTPLUSBU-SB
Brand:  CASIO
Pack Size:  1
Manufacturers Code:  FX-85GTPLUSBU-SB
Delivery Time:  1-3 Working Days
Width (mm):  238
Depth (mm):  264
Height (mm):  154

In the FX-85GT Plus, Casio have created the perfect partner for secondary school maths lessons. This calculator is permitted in UK school examinations and has a solid slide-on lid to provide robust protection in your bag. Its natural VPAM display mirrors workings as they appear in textbooks. What's more, its broad range of mathematical functions and nifty new features such as prime verification will help this calculator stay with you through GCSE, A level and beyond.

Casio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator. Features recurring 9 memories, decimal, verify, random integers, new calculation priority sequence, factorisation into prime factors, statistical data entry, multi replay and table of a function. Colour: Blue.