Working from Home

Wednesday, 26 June 2013  |  Carl

Aaaah, the idea of working from home, it sounds perfect doesn’t it. You can live in your tracksuit, hang out the washing, pop out for coffee whenever you’d like, be at home when the kids arrive home from school, and look after your baby. However, if you already work from home, either full-time or on the occasional day, you will know it is not as simple as that.

You need to create your own working space, an area shut away from distractions – your area, your work area. We can help out there, our service to you covers everything for the home office, be it magazine files, letter trays, envelopes or even a monitor stand or workstation – You will be surprised how we can help to make things operate more smoothly.

Anything for the home office, you know whom to turn to. With that sorted, if you work from home, you may well be interested in these hints and tips from one of our key suppliers, Avery.

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