Did you hear about Shea?

Thursday, 17 October 2013  |  Carl


Shea received a letter from his bank telling him that his joint account was overdrawn. He went onto the local branch and found that a finance lending company had taken 9 different amounts out of the account, totaling £725.74. He cancelled the debit card to prevent further fraudulent activity.

He found out that the loans had been taken out in someone else’s name, but that it was to be paid back in his name and using his address details. He is surprised that a loan could be so easily taken out without any thorough checks. He is not sure how this could have happened. He and his partner are now very careful with their personal details, and they make sure to shred.  The repayments completely cleared out their bank account and caused a lot of distress for him and his partner

He says that the finance lending company has traced the person responsible, but won’t disclose who it is because of data protection. He is pursuing the organisation for compensation. His advice is to be vigilant to any suspicious activity. Check bank statements regularly for anything unusual. Look after personal information and report anything amiss straight away.

Identity fraud is rife

…don’t let it be you. Call today to discover how we can help you to prevent being a victim.

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